Early Morning 737

Working the morning shift can have its little perks, this was my view the other day as the sun was coming up…

1000000 Page Requests

Wow, hard to believe that I have hit the million marker on the counter. I assume that many of those page requests come from bots, scripts, and search engines that are just logging the internet in there usual way. But at any rate, its still a ton of traffic considering that I only advertise this […]

Deer hunting was a Success?

So I decided it was time upgrade my car.

To do this I decided call the W.T.D. suicide hotline. They had a couple candidates in the area and set me up with one they thought could help. After discussing a few things we setup a time and location to meet. With exceptional coordination and timing […]

Aiming for Accuracy part 4


More talk about trigger control…are you serious? YES! because so many comments still call me out for poor trigger control, I decided to create another video explaining why trigger control from a cameras perspective…doesn’t matter at all.



Links to other slow motion videos, pay close attention to the amount of recoil movement […]

Hydraulic Lifters

Wow, these are some pretty sad looking lifters:


Funny thing is, these were included in an engine that was just fully disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and signed out from an Engine Overhaul Facility. We found metal in the filter and went looking for answers…I have never seen such an obvious problem after only about […]

Long time no see

For those of you who visit my website, sorry for no activity over the summer. Same goes for my Youtube channel. I have been very busy at work and lacking the energy and enthusiasm to create new content for the interent. There have been some recent changes at work however, and I am hoping that […]

Found it where?

Hey kids, grandma and grandpas shed has a “envelope” in a pile of scrap aluminum.

Christmas cookies by ME!

I had my Mom dig up an old recipe for cookies we used to have way back when. I have been craving them for many years now. Date filled Orange flavored half moons…

After about 4 hours in the kitchen today, I have 75 of these yummy bad boys ready to eat.

For those […]

Aiming For Accuracy Part 2

Part 2 is some simple pumpkin shooting fun in the snow and cold.

This was an improvised exercise due to the low visibility caused by the heavy snow and cold.


What a day. Here I sit feeling the after effects of a long race, sore muscles and really sorehip and knee joints. The whole race has become a blur of a memory so I want to write down as much as I can before the memory fades away. You can read more on my fitness […]