Road to Precision part XXII

Its time to take this rifle to a competition, the 300 meter ISSF is the first one I am able to attend. Results are okay but expected because I ran short of time for load development. I will begin looking into seating depth adjustments after this.

Road to Precision part XXI

The latest version of my video series. In this episode I show some of the dangers of reloading that can happen when your cases get cracked.

Road to Precision XX

A little late adding this here, but heres a video on barrel break-in.

Another great day of load testing

I went to the range early this morning to take advantage of some great weather. There was virtually no wind when I started and it picked up to a slight breeze of maybe 1-2mph by the end of the shoot.

This time I was shooting 155 Lapua Scenar’s to see how seating depth would affect […]

Seating depth triumph

I went to the range today looking to put the seating depth mystery up to its first test. I was using my 175Gr SMK load and placed the bullet 0.005″ closer to the lands for each five shot group which looked something like this:

2.075″ 2.080″ 2.085″ 2.090″ 2.095″ 2.075″

The final test would have […]

Road to Precision Part XIX

Latest video is now up. In this episode I take a look at brass preparations for my new barrel. This includes cleaning, full length sizing, and case trimming. Next I take a look at how to measure the distance to the lands of the rifling so that I can adjust the bullet seating depth in […]

Road to Precision Part XVIII

The start of season 3, I take my rifle in for some maintenance. Time for a new barrel and a bore-scope to show the difference. I also do a mini review of the Borka Torque Tool.

Fathers Day Shoot 2012

Having lots of fun with my daughter and other family members at the range. Although we did get rained on, it passed by quickly and we were back to shooting in about 20 minutes. Here’s the highlights of the day.


Season 3 will begin shortly

This is by far the most complex render I have done to date. I wasted way too much time putting this together.

Check your Brass!

I found this while reloading this afternoon:

The case wall near the head (bottom) has thinned out from reloading to the point that I have cracks forming. After inspecting all cases again, I found a total of 27 that had thin case walls. This is a potentially dangerous situation, because the combustion gases can […]