Mile Stone…in the water

literally. I swam over a mile non-stop this morning. I needed the confidence boost. The pool was almost empty so I thought it would be a good day to test my total endurance. 2000 meters in 40:07 = 2:00/100 meter pace. I am really happy with my performance. I definitely felt sluggish during the second […]

Race Support

I went to cheer on my older brother and help by volunteering on race day today. Once again the weather was less than ideal but it was still a good day none the less. I lent him my Garmin 910XT so that he could track all the great stats of his run and compare it […]

Long week of training

Well that was one long exhausting week of training. I feel so drained after 7 days of fitness. Finished off the week with a brick session this morning with my older brother. 2 hours total which started with a 30 km ride followed by an 8.7 km run. We were definitely not setting any records […]

First Triathlon…sort of

I raced in my first triathlon today, and it was fun yet disappointing…for several reasons.

Firstly it was NOT a triathlon. Crappy Canadian weather turned it into splash N dash race. Meaning there was no bike portion due to the 30cm of snow that fell overnight. Yuck!

The run was still planned to be out […]

Race day check up

I’m getting a little nervous, my first Triathlon is tomorrow. 500 meter swim, 17.5 km bike, 5 km run.Now I know I can easily do the distances, and I entered this sprint distance triathlon as an easy opening to the season. I wanted a simple race that would help me work out some of the […]

Back-ordered winter?

Wow what a blizzard this morning. Its not feeling like spring anymore. Its hard to imagine my first triathlon which is only 6 days away when you have blowing snow like this.

On the plus side, I had a great swim this morning moving my average pace down to 1:52 / 100 meters. Although I […]

GET back in the pool!

I feel like I have been cheating on my swims lately. The pool was running reduced hous over Easter so I have only had 1 swim in the last 10 days.

This morning was back at it and I felt slow, even though my times say other wise. I managed to pull off 2000 meters […]

Sweet spring morning

Had a great swim this morning. My average pace is down to 1:54 / 100m taken over the course of 1700 meters worth of swimming. I’m happy to see some progress.

Although I arrive at the pool in total black, when I left I was greeted with a clear dark blue sky as the […]

Bad Start

Well today is the official first day of my taper up Half Ironman training schedule, yet I already find myself behind. The pool was closed this morning due to some water issues of some sort. As I look at the schedule I see that I will also be missing another swim this week due to […]

Going longer now

I decided to try for my longest swim yet. The goal this morning was 1500 meters all in one shot. But I started to cramp up around 1100 and ended my first set at 1200 meters. I am feeling more and more comfortable in the water and with an average pace of 2:00/100 meters for […]