BF4 Sniper Control

BF4 is plagued with too many snipers, I’m sure everyone will agree. In this video I attempt to show that one well placed sniper can control the opposing teams sniper forces, and hopefully keep the game a little more enjoyable for your team. You should always try to play the objectives…camping does not usually help […]

Custom router Plate

Before I could begin my next project, I needed to fabricate a router table. You can buy these for a couple hundred bucks, But a custom built one will be more sturdy and last longer. Plus it will be built to my specs and probably cost less.

I started with a piece of 0.060″ […]

Stress testing Day #1

Over clocking is actually much easier than I first thought. Its just time consuming. Change a number and stress test, change a number and stress test, repeat, repeat, repeat. I am stable at 3.63Ghz right now but the temperatures are rising quickly. With a max temp of 62C, I think I want to keep a […]

Let the over clocking begin…

I have been ramping up to do some overclocking on my CPU. Now that my video projects have been cleared, and BF3 is only a couple days away, its time to look into the finer details of what it takes to run a computer faster than stock settings.

The first thing I needed was a […]

New Heat Sink

I decided it was time to upgrade my gaming computers heat sink in preparation for overclocking the CPU. I decided to go with the Scythe Ninja 3. This thing is massive and is rated to be used WITHOUT a fan on stock / non-overclocked CPU. Compared to the AMD supplied heat sink, I can see […]


High Dynamic Range photography is something I am just starting to play with. You take 3 images and use a computer to blend them together. Each image is about 1 F-stop apart which makes one under exposed, one correct exposure, and the last over exposed.

The beauty of this, is that you can use the […]

Crack Inspection

I came across a text book example of a crack in an exhaust stack today at work:


The key to finding cracks is using lots of light from a good flashlight, and hitting it at the right angle. Here the light is directed straight at the crack, which is nearly invisible: