After spending a bunch of time over the weekend going through the trouble shooting guide Garmin provides on the customer support page, I am now in an even worse spot. Now I can’t get any connection between the GPS and my computer. At least before my 910XT was communicating with the computer and hanging, now […]

Garmin Frustrations

I haven’t been able to upload my fitness activities from my Garmin 910XT in several months. My last activity that made it through wasn’t even a proper run, it was my timer event for when my brother was running a half marathon, so that I would be ready and waiting for Photo opportunities when he […]

Proof in numbers


After reviewing my times, it would appear that yes I did increase my pace when my stroke improved. You can see that my best pace was actually made near the end of my workout when I was lower on energy. I’m pretty happy to see these results.


First Brick of the year

I went for a short test run followed by a bike ride this morning. The Garmin 910XT is performing better than I expected, the only two things to complain about so far are the not quite user friendly setup that is required to make it communicate with my Windows 7 machine. But now that I […]

Happy Birthday to me present

My bike is a cycle cross design, but 99% of the time I am on the road. So I decided it was time for a speed upgrade. The old chain ring combo was a 36/46T which had me topping out on the flat at about 40 kph. If I had a hill and some wind […]

No more excuses.

The big cheese of training equipment arrived and I put it together this afternoon.

Nordic Track 1750C:

So far I am impressed with the heavy build. Looks like it can take a beating. The Android screen is a little picky, but it seems to work fine. First training Run will be coming very soon, […]

Green Machine arrives

I just received my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine in the mail. After some setup and a quick test ride, I think I have it ready to go.

So far I would have to say the ride feels…interesting. The progressive resistance is great, the harder you push, the harder it pushes back. Its going to […]

Training Goals

With the new year right around the corner I have started to think about what I want to accomplish in 2012. To get training started on the right foot I have ordered a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine for bike training in the cold months. This is actually a belated Christmas present which should be arriving […]

Bike indoor training?

I have been really wanting to continue my training through the winter months. This has prompted me to look into a bicycle trainer.

The Kurt Kinetic seems to be the best made unit on the market. After looking at a display model, I am quite convinced it will last a long time. However they are […]

Final ride to work?

Well the ride to work this morning was very uncomfortable. It cold (3 Celcius) and dark (at work before sunrise). My fingers, ears, and toes were numb by about the half way mark. As the temperature drops, I will be more susceptible to frost bite. I’m not sure that its worth getting winter biking gear, […]