Hill climbing

Heres my first 10k+ run of the year:

Capture from my Garmin Connect page.

First Brick of the year

I went for a short test run followed by a bike ride this morning. The Garmin 910XT is performing better than I expected, the only two things to complain about so far are the not quite user friendly setup that is required to make it communicate with my Windows 7 machine. But now that I […]

A cold in the cold.

I have been fighting a cold for the last two weeks which has slowed down my base training. The main sick symptoms only lasted about 24 hours, but there this stupid nagging cough that just won’t go away. I’m trying all sorts of remedies on the net and nothing seems to touch it. So far […]

Integrated Training Begins

Today was the second day of my new training schedule. I went for an easy pace 10 km run at about 5:30 this morning. Its pretty dark that early in the morning, I had a flash light with me but didn’t really need it. The moon was out and I could see quite well. A […]

First Halk Marathon Completed…ouch!

Wow this one hurt, my legs ache as I write this, I am not sure how I will cope with work over the next few days as my body tries to recover.

Finish time 1:57:00, thus I beat my 2 hour goal, but missed my 1:45 target time.

For the first 4km I was keeping […]

5.8km run / 37.7km bike / 9.7km run

Well the race is done, and I am going to feel this one tomorrow. This was probably the coldest I have ever felt in my life. Pouring rain on us and a stiff wind from the north made the first half of the race nearly unbearable. At least 5 people did not finish the bike […]

Second 10k race

Finished the second race of the season. Another 10k, although this one was much larger and drew over 10,000 runners for all the different races that day. Nearly 2600 people ran the 10k at the same time. I must say I felt like a cow to the slaughter as I lined up for the start […]

Falling off the bus

Had a lull in the training due to work getting in the way plus lost sleep over life issues. I’m happy to say that although I lost focus and fell off the bus for about 10 days, I am back on track.

I went for a 45k ride with my brother on Monday night that […]

Half Marathon…complete

Ran my first half today. 21.90 km is the google earth distance. Below is the profile:

The one pathway was closed so I had to huff it up a hill to connect with the other path. Google states a 21% grade and I believe it. That hill nearly killed me. I had to stop […]

First 10k race

Had my first race of the season today. I must say I did not prepare correctly for this.

The problem started a week ago when I smoked my left leg really hard and did some deep damage to the left quadriceps. It was sore and difficult to walk for 2 days. I knew this spelt […]