Sweet spring morning

Had a great swim this morning. My average pace is down to 1:54 / 100m taken over the course of 1700 meters worth of swimming. I’m happy to see some progress.

Although I arrive at the pool in total black, when I left I was greeted with a clear dark blue sky as the […]

Bad Start

Well today is the official first day of my taper up Half Ironman training schedule, yet I already find myself behind. The pool was closed this morning due to some water issues of some sort. As I look at the schedule I see that I will also be missing another swim this week due to […]

Going longer now

I decided to try for my longest swim yet. The goal this morning was 1500 meters all in one shot. But I started to cramp up around 1100 and ended my first set at 1200 meters. I am feeling more and more comfortable in the water and with an average pace of 2:00/100 meters for […]

Temperature Variations

What a fun morning in the pool. Something was wrong with the heating system and half of the jets were not working. Jumping into the shallow end I was met with some really cold water. No problem, I’m here to work out and cold water training is a good thing. As I approach the half […]

End Base training

I went for a brick session this morning which brings my base training to its end. Sat on the bike for and hour and then went out and ran 10 km. I was pretty happy with my 1o km time of 50 minutes considering my legs did not feel nice and fresh.

Now its time […]

Proof in numbers


After reviewing my times, it would appear that yes I did increase my pace when my stroke improved. You can see that my best pace was actually made near the end of my workout when I was lower on energy. I’m pretty happy to see these results.


Swim Drills pay off

I had a great swim this morning. After doing more drills for about 1200 meters, I could feel the results starting to gel.

During the last 300 meters or so of my workout it all suddenly fell into place. I could really feel the extra pull being generated by correct arm movements through the water. […]

Swim Drills

After a long conversation with my brother during our regular Monday night cycle training session, I decided it was time to get back to the basics in the pool. Today’s swim was not about speed or distance, instead I focused back on the fundamentals of a good, efficient stroke.

And boy was I off. I […]

1000m X2

Well stacking on the distance doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. The pool was almost empty, so I figured it was a good day to try something drastic. I wanted to see if I was capable of doing the Half Ironman swim distance inside my allotted time. Actual distance needed is 1.9km so I […]

First 1000 meter swim

I decided to go for it this morning, and doubled my max swim distance all in one go. After 20 minutes and 19 seconds I had completed my first ever 1000 meter nonstop swim.

The hard thing to believe at this time, is that top level athletes are still almost two times faster than I […]