Century Ride

I just made it home from the season end-er ride for my bike club. We rode from Banff to Lake Louise and back. Total distance on my odometer was 114.6 km. The ride time was just a hair under 4 hours and my legs are jello, I feel totally wasted. my average speed was around […]

Holiday ride to the US border

I went for a glorious ride with my brother during holidays to visit the Canada-US border. The road runs on the edge of border and has the totem markers in the ditch. You can also see the border cut line running up the mountains in the distance:

The USA is about 3 yards to […]

Garbage on the road

I had a frustrating ride to work this morning. I ran over a piece of wire, can’t remember if I saw it in time to avoid, and it ended up getting tangled up on my rear axle. That added about 5 minutes of frustrating time while I tried to get it untangled and out of […]

Record breaking…flat.

I decided to push hard on my morning ride to work today. I was attaching all the hills and keeping my speed above 20kph. Normally I make it to the last bridge in about 30 minutes, but today I crossed at 26 minutes. I was well on my way to smashing my record time.

With […]

Mountain Climbing on a bike

I went for an awesome ride with my brother up the Highwood pass in Kananaskis country. Unfortunately the lens fogged up on the Gopro so I will have to redo this ride to get the ascent footage. The pass is 7239 feet elevation and is one nasty climb, the last 3km takes a steep grade […]

Near Death

I went for a 100km ride the other day, but didn’t realize how close to my last it could have been. Coming up the highway on the return to home, I was on the shoulder right where I always am. This shoulder was about 6 feet wide, and I was about 1 to 2 feet […]

Wind…a good training aid?

My ride to work this morning was quite normal. Only a slight breeze from the west of about 5kph. Total time was 35:57 for an average speed of 29kph.

Compare that to yesterday, when I had a 50-60kph headwind. Total time was 47:40 for an average speed of 21.9kph. I was working very hard just […]

New ride home record

I had a really stiff wind pushing me home today. This allowed me to hold 60 kph for a good portion of the longest leg. Final time was 28:49 for an average speed of 36.3 kph.

5.8km run / 37.7km bike / 9.7km run

Well the race is done, and I am going to feel this one tomorrow. This was probably the coldest I have ever felt in my life. Pouring rain on us and a stiff wind from the north made the first half of the race nearly unbearable. At least 5 people did not finish the bike […]

Falling off the bus

Had a lull in the training due to work getting in the way plus lost sleep over life issues. I’m happy to say that although I lost focus and fell off the bus for about 10 days, I am back on track.

I went for a 45k ride with my brother on Monday night that […]