Aiming for Accuracy Part 3

Here’s my latest shooting video.

I wanted to demonstrate what happens when you cant the rifle really far to one side. This is important because small amounts of cant add up to large errors at long range.

Aiming For Accuracy Part 2

Part 2 is some simple pumpkin shooting fun in the snow and cold.

This was an improvised exercise due to the low visibility caused by the heavy snow and cold.

Aiming for Accuracy Part 1

The start of my new shooting video series: I plan to do more real life scenarios. Try to make my shooting challenges fun and interesting while still teaching something about ballistics.

BF3 Recon Field Manual Part 4

Finally got back into the game. The latest expansions have been better. I was not a fan of the AC-130 gunship addition in the large maps. I wish servers would play the maps with that thing disabled because it is too much of an advantage.

This Video focuses on the XBOW unlock and how […]

Road to Precision Part XXIV

I come to the realization that I don’t have the time or money to continue in competitive shooting. Reluctantly I pull out after the final competition of 2012. I plan to move in a direction now of practical application shooting. Not sure if the series will continue, or just start fresh with the new ideas.


Happy Holidays

Training Video

I made a new motivational training video for my family based on some of the great moments we had through out the year.

Road to Precision part XXIII

With the end of the season approaching rapidly, I tune my target load some more by adjusting the bullet seating depth.


Pumkin Shoot 2012

This was a really cold day, but totally worth it for the fun and the footage:

Road to Precision part XXII

Its time to take this rifle to a competition, the 300 meter ISSF is the first one I am able to attend. Results are okay but expected because I ran short of time for load development. I will begin looking into seating depth adjustments after this.