Exploding Christmas Tree Fun

This was so much fun to shoot and film and just plain experience, I hope you like it as much as I do:



Big thanks to my regular shooting crew for helping with the donations towards prep / setup / and filming of this event.

Super Chrono Demo

I made a demo video on behalf of goBallistic

I plan to follow up with a proper user review in the near future.

Aiming for Accuracy part 8

Indoor Range Fun: I was whisked away at a moments notice to go have some fun shooting various restricted firearms. This was my first time ever shooting a handgun, and it was a ton of fun even though my performance was below expectations. I also had the joy of shooting a Barret Model 99 which […]

Holiday Cheer

Hope your Holidays are Merry… I decided to try and bring a little joy and perhaps some laughter to the holiday season with my take on Charlie Browns Christmas of depression. I hope you have as much fun watching this as I had making it. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.


Aiming For Accuracy Part 2

Part 2 is some simple pumpkin shooting fun in the snow and cold.

This was an improvised exercise due to the low visibility caused by the heavy snow and cold.

Aiming for Accuracy Part 1

The start of my new shooting video series: I plan to do more real life scenarios. Try to make my shooting challenges fun and interesting while still teaching something about ballistics.

Happy Holidays

Pumkin Shoot 2012

This was a really cold day, but totally worth it for the fun and the footage:

Fathers Day Shoot 2012

Having lots of fun with my daughter and other family members at the range. Although we did get rained on, it passed by quickly and we were back to shooting in about 20 minutes. Here’s the highlights of the day.


Season 3 will begin shortly

This is by far the most complex render I have done to date. I wasted way too much time putting this together.