Birthday Fun

My birthday fun….trying to balance and match engine parameters at 3:00 AM in the blowing snow and cold. Yeeha.

Im actually surprised i got a focused pic. The plane bucks around a lot when your holding the brakes….and it reeearaaalreally wants to go flying!


As you can see here im almost done. Tweak […]

And you thought your car was expensive…

The true cost of aviation is absurd. And I don’t think the general public is aware of this fact. FLYING IS EXPENSIVE. All too often I hear people complaining about how the prices have gone up, now they charge for landing fees, now they charge extra for baggage, there are no peanuts anymore, the in-flight […]

Setup for success? I think not.

This is what it looks like when the electric propeller heat is active on the ground with no propeller movement:

Burning rubber and 8 composite blades destroyed.

The electric heaters installed on most IFR rated aircraft propellers can crank out a ton of energy in order to keep up with the extreme cold found […]

Early Morning 737

Working the morning shift can have its little perks, this was my view the other day as the sun was coming up…

Endless Search

I have been putting in some serious overtime lately to help with a major check. One of the things you are always on the lookout for is corrosion. But its not always that easy to see.










A good eye can pick this up, but when […]


I had a good laugh when I found this scenario, something is wrong in this picture….do you know what it is?










Those are navigation lights in the wing tip of a large aircraft. The one on the right is the primary, and the left is […]

Fuel Problems?

I had an interesting snag the other day, the left-hand fuel gauge was intermittently showing zero fuel while at altitude. When the airplane came back down and landed, the problem went away. Now, this snag had been looked into several times previously, with no ability to duplicate what the pilots were complaining about. There seemed […]

Tedious Work

The task I had the other day was small and annoying.

Aircraft parts are expensive, and sometimes its much cheaper to rebuild things yourself as opposed to sending them out, or, replacing them directly. So I spent a few hours pulling the bulbs from this panel and soldering new lamps onto those small circles, […]

Standard Practices

Routine Maintenance check turns expensive when the Tech did the job in a hurry. This is what happens when you don’t follow standard practices:

A twisted tube made from stainless steel no less. Three errors happened here in rapid succession, which lead to an expensive damaged part, and a grounded aircraft.

First problem was […]

Hydraulic Lifters

Wow, these are some pretty sad looking lifters:


Funny thing is, these were included in an engine that was just fully disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and signed out from an Engine Overhaul Facility. We found metal in the filter and went looking for answers…I have never seen such an obvious problem after only about […]