Second 10k race

Finished the second race of the season. Another 10k, although this one was much larger and drew over 10,000 runners for all the different races that day. Nearly 2600 people ran the 10k at the same time. I must say I felt like a cow to the slaughter as I lined up for the start […]

First 10k race

Had my first race of the season today. I must say I did not prepare correctly for this.

The problem started a week ago when I smoked my left leg really hard and did some deep damage to the left quadriceps. It was sore and difficult to walk for 2 days. I knew this spelt […]

2 records set in 2 days

What a great start to the week. Yesterday I set a new personal best for a 5 km run, and today I created a new best time on my ride in to work.

Granted, I did have a slight tail wind, but I was pushing even harder because of it. I knew I could set […]

5 km Race

Went out for a race today. I had two objectives :

Beat my best time Beat my older brother

Both objectives were accomplished. I was holding a good pace for most of the race, with my brother a few steps behind. Somewhere near the 4km mark he fell behind and I also picked up the […]