BF3 Recon Field Manual 1.1

Chapter 1, paragraph 1-4 : How to setup your PC and game settings for maximum BF3 sniping.


Final setup for BF3

With BF3 just around the corner I have cleaned up my machine in preparation for the glorious event. I formatted the drives the other day so that I have a fresh and totally clean computer with nothing but the essentials loaded. Windows 7 only took about 30 minutes to install, but several hours to update. […]

Understanding Overclocking?

I think I have been adjusting the wrong specs in the BIOS. I was having problems with stability, so I turned the CPU overvoltage option back to AUTO, now its running smooth again.

All of the guides tell you to adjust certain things, but the BIOS does not have any options labeled as such. Its […]

More Over Clocking

I did some more over clock testing, slowly working my way up, here are the latest numbers :

Test 4 @ 3.56Ghz

FSB = 215 X 16.5 coreV = 1.264v VID = 1.3000v idle = average (fan lo) = 45c max = 47c

BFBC@ test run 1 hour not faults and 60fps

Test 5 @ […]

GPU overclocking

Messing with my GPU settings in the new AMD Vision Engine Control Center. Bumped the clock up to 920 on the GPU and 1380 for memory. Seems to be stable after two nights of Testing on BFBC2.

Factory setting gave me a frame rate of about 55, now I am seeing a steady 60 FPS. […]

Stress testing Day #1

Over clocking is actually much easier than I first thought. Its just time consuming. Change a number and stress test, change a number and stress test, repeat, repeat, repeat. I am stable at 3.63Ghz right now but the temperatures are rising quickly. With a max temp of 62C, I think I want to keep a […]

Let the over clocking begin…

I have been ramping up to do some overclocking on my CPU. Now that my video projects have been cleared, and BF3 is only a couple days away, its time to look into the finer details of what it takes to run a computer faster than stock settings.

The first thing I needed was a […]