The M98B Slaughter house…

Had alot of fun shortly after I unlocked the new sniper rifles.

Extreme BF3 Beta sniper kills

Heres my latest compilation of long range shooting in game.


Now that the Beta is closed, I should have some time to update this webpage a little more.

Longest BF3 Beta Kill

971 meters. Pretty happy with that…

Thats what I’m talking about.

Had a good round of defending the objectives and totally stumped the other team. There are those who think the recon class is a waste, but I think the proof is in the pudding. Using the SV98, 12x ballistic scopes, and the suppressor


BF3 Long Range Recon

Some footage I uploaded on day 2 of the beta. I think I have found my new addiction…

Longest BETA kill so far…

First really long headshot 600+ points

Yup its fun to snipe!

BF3 Beta First Impressions

Managed to sit down and play a couple hours worth of BF3 BETA AWESOMENESS last night. DICE has definitely come through on the wow factor, this game is total eye candy without the flashy high contrast color. The game has a very real and worldly feel to it.

The map starts you in a wonderful […]