Christmas cookies by ME!

I had my Mom dig up an old recipe for cookies we used to have way back when. I have been craving them for many years now. Date filled Orange flavored half moons…

After about 4 hours in the kitchen today, I have 75 of these yummy bad boys ready to eat.

For those […]

Nice rack

My wife has been bugging me for a few years to build a spice rack for the pantry. This is due to the fact that some of our friends have a nice custom wood spice rack hanging on their pantry door. So I finally managed to find some time to build her one.

Its […]

Large Scale Tetris

My latest problem at work comes in the style of Tetris played with airplanes. My company sold 2 airplanes and needs to ship them across the ocean. So we need to fit said airplanes into a 40 foot shipping container. Sounds simple at first, but this is a very delicate job that needs complete disassembly […]

Weekend Project

I spent all of saturday painting my sons bedroom. He has been really interested in the stars and planets lately (especially Saturn) so I decided to make his room space themed.

The plan in the future is to build a custom wall mounted bunkbed with a LEM moon lander theme. The ladder to go […]

Official Title

Well I think its time to commemorate a monumental day in my career. I have been holding this position for several weeks now, but I finally feel confident in announcing my new position.

I felt an official photo was in order for my new job title.

Work has been quite stressful over the last […]

Space kids

My daughter came home today and was talking about the cool guy who is sleeping in space:

After a long discussion on what was happening on the ISS, she said : “I want to sleep in space, that would be fun.”

I am so proud that both of my kids are taking a […]

The sky IS falling

I came home to a distraut wife and this…

I guess a bird dive bombed the van on the highway. Not so happy to hear the Toyota that wants over $1000 to fix it…Yikes, that has to be a good 8 hours of labour??? Not sure why, I figured this would be a simple […]

Micro Frustration

We’ve had a recurring snag on one of the airplanes for the last week. The pilots keep snagging the radio’s as they seem to be cutting in and out whenever they feel like it. We have never been able to duplicate the problem on the ground so we keep sending it back up, “no fault […]

Another Proud Moment

My daughter made me proud at her sparks meeting last night. The kids were making structures out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Most of the kids made little houses and simple contraptions, while her structure was more like a stadium. The rest of the projects were sent home in a ziploc bag, we had to bring […]

Cake day Quote

To fathom the the size of the universe is to make ones self small, to the point of non existence. Yet, we can find our true meaning in the depths of the oceans of the galaxy, and see that we are connected through time with everything in its wonder.