Nice rack

My wife has been bugging me for a few years to build a spice rack for the pantry. This is due to the fact that some of our friends have a nice custom wood spice rack hanging on their pantry door. So I finally managed to find some time to build her one.

Its […]

Weekend Project

I spent all of saturday painting my sons bedroom. He has been really interested in the stars and planets lately (especially Saturn) so I decided to make his room space themed.

The plan in the future is to build a custom wall mounted bunkbed with a LEM moon lander theme. The ladder to go […]

Blade 2012

After way too much time spent on the sewing machine this week, my costume is ready for the vampire invasion this Halloween:

I’m pretty happy with the look. Material cost for the tactical vest was less than $50, and I scavenged for many of the accessories.


BunkBed Project complete

I have been working my butt off over the past week to create a higher level of sleep for my daughter. I just finished it:

I’m pretty happy with the result, and its solid as a rock because I mounted it to the studs in the wall. This creates a fair amount of space […]

Work Work Work

We spent the weekend at the in-laws cabin again. Rained for most of Sunday, but we managed to get another level on the the play center.

Its really starting to come together and the kids are starting to enjoy it. One more work party should have it fairly complete for stage 1. Who knows […]

New Target thats fun to shoot

I spent a bunch of time producing a new target that is great fun to shoot with a semi auto .22LR. I acquired the free lumber from a neighbour who had some warped poles from an old backyard flower bed. Then at work we changed out the blade on the bobcat, so I took the […]

Free labour

Part of being a club member is donating your back to some manual labour. I spent part of the day at the range helping to build a new and improved target numbering system. Now the numbers are removable so that they see fewer bullet holes, and they slide from side to side so that you […]

Building a play center

I spent the long weekend with the family up at the in-laws cabin. The big project was to build a play center for all the kids to enjoy.

We ran out of supplies before the first phase was complete, but I am still pretty pleased with the progress. As time continues there will be […]

Spent the afternoon creating…a couple hours from concept to production and I had my new 7 position rifle rack. Virtually free because I used scraps of wood from around the garage.

Dream House shapes up

The construction phase is mostly complete, now its time for some paint. We are using left overs from painting the kids rooms a year ago. So far we are still under the $100 mark for this project. With 24 days left to complete the project, I think we are sitting in a good place :