Aiming for Accuracy Part 10

Time to unveil the new shooting location I have been using for the past few months. If all goes well, I will be making many more videos from this location in the future. The only problem is the drive time it takes to get there.

Aiming for Accuracy Part 9

I shot this clip while working on a totally different project, but I figured it fit in quite well to the idea of trying different shooting positions. Here I use the sling as an added support while shooting prone. But my optics were not zeroed for the ammo I was using that day…tisk tisk.


Aiming for Accuracy part 8

Indoor Range Fun: I was whisked away at a moments notice to go have some fun shooting various restricted firearms. This was my first time ever shooting a handgun, and it was a ton of fun even though my performance was below expectations. I also had the joy of shooting a Barret Model 99 which […]

Aiming for Accuracy Part 7

Leaving My Comfort Zone : This video is about trying things that I don’t usually do, like shooting off-hand while having a camera attached to the scope. Not very easy to say the least. This is actually the most difficult shot I have tried to make so far. This reminds me of what started this […]

Aiming for Accuracy Part 6

Binary explosives are a ton of fun to shoot:

This video captures my first test day when I was looking to see how the explosives worked. Unfortunately I had a couple of FAILS that day. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. The video finishes off with my second day of explosive shooting fun!


Aiming for Accuracy Part 5

Parallax error, what is it and should you know about it? Well if you are into long range precision shooting then this is a topic you must be aware of because small errors can create a miss at 1000 yards. Lots of fun shooting Binary targets!!


Aiming for Accuracy Part 3

Here’s my latest shooting video.

I wanted to demonstrate what happens when you cant the rifle really far to one side. This is important because small amounts of cant add up to large errors at long range.

Aiming For Accuracy Part 2

Part 2 is some simple pumpkin shooting fun in the snow and cold.

This was an improvised exercise due to the low visibility caused by the heavy snow and cold.

Aiming for Accuracy Part 1

The start of my new shooting video series: I plan to do more real life scenarios. Try to make my shooting challenges fun and interesting while still teaching something about ballistics.