Pirate Video uploaded

Mini documentary of the great treasure hunt my brothers and I created for our family reunion camping trip during the summer of 2015. We spent way too much time planning and creating this adventure, and then I spent another absurd amount of time editing this all together…..so I really hope you enjoy the tale […]

New Page added – Pirate treasure

I have completed the story of the epic Pirate Treasure Hunt. See the page and read the story in the above page links – Epic Pirate Treasure Hunt –

I will be using the page as my storyboard while I create the video documentary of the event.

Yar, there be treasure…

So the epic treasure hunt of our 2015 family camping trip / reunion was a total success. Although it had a rocky start, the kids found the booty at the end of the map.


Lots of fun, and I will be making a video documentary of the whole event. There will also be […]

Pirates Inspiration

More work on the treasure hunt as we close in on vacation date. Pictured is the inspiration pieces behind our treasure hunt:

The Goonies map and copper bone were purchased in Astoria from the Jail/museum during our road trip down south last year. The doubloon is an on going project that I have made […]

Ultimate Treasure Hunt

My brothers and I are building an epic pirate/goonies themed treasure hunt for all of our kids this year during our big family camping trip. Things are starting to come together. We want the treasure hunt to last pretty much the full 10 days we are together, with the final BIG TREASURE find on the […]

Doubloon weathering

So I have entered into the aging process of my doubloon project. I used an acetylene torch to burn some holes through it to mimic the Goonies doubloon for looks.


The next step is to corrode the whole thing, so I have set it in a container with some vinegar and placed it […]

Summer project begins

I have some big plans for the camping trip we are taking this year, so I have to get started early.

Here is step one, the construction of a fake pirate Doubloon. More steps to come…