This is an older pic, but I recently found it and decided to post.

The project was to shoot smoke. Incense seemed like the easiest source. I used a black backdrop to reduce clutter and hit the smoke from the side with a stobe.

After about 100 images, this was my favorite :

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High Dynamic Range photography is something I am just starting to play with. You take 3 images and use a computer to blend them together. Each image is about 1 F-stop apart which makes one under exposed, one correct exposure, and the last over exposed.

The beauty of this, is that you can use the […]

Computer Upgrades

In preperation for BF3 I have been slowly adding parts to my gaming machine. The latest additions included 4 gigs of RAM and a new processor.

MB = ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO CPU = AMD PHENOM II X6 1100T 3.3GHz w/ 9MB cache RAM = Corsair XMS3 4 X 2 Gig = 8 […]


Ran after work in the blistering 29 degree heat. 7.5km in 41 minutes. Nothing special but I was sweating like crazy. Only 2 weeks left untill my next race…


Went for a ride up a mountain pass with my brother the other day. What we found was a workout we hadn’t bargained for. The hill was long and steep and didn’t want to quit. When we finally crested we took a break.

On the return journey we noticed a sign at the top of […]

Cycle fun

I went out with my brothers for a cycling photo session. Definitely a good day for a glorious ride in the mountains.

Crack Inspection

I came across a text book example of a crack in an exhaust stack today at work:


The key to finding cracks is using lots of light from a good flashlight, and hitting it at the right angle. Here the light is directed straight at the crack, which is nearly invisible:



Transition Training

I tried a new training routine. Cycle home from work (33 minutes) and then immediately put on the runners and went out for a 9km run (not recorded, but less than 60 minutes).

It takes a while to get used to. Your legs are used to pushing down on pedals and all of a sudden […]

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