A Good Kill Streak

One of my best runs so far, 12 and 0 until I was found by this guy…

Flippin Hackers

Its amazing how soon I started to run into these JERKS. I hope DICE is watching the leader-boards and banning accounts. This is what makes gaming so frustrating sometimes:

Roofing fatigue

I spent around 22 hours up on my brother roof this weekend, helping to re-shingle it. I had forgotten how taxing manual labour can be on your body. My feet and hands are pretty sore today. My finger tips feel really smooth and sensitive, Its like I have lost about 3 layers of skin to […]

BF3 update

well the first update was released and it would seem that the stability has been improved, but its still not quite there. I don’t think my computer crashed at all last night, but there were still a couple server side crashes that halted game play for a bit.

I’m a little frustrated with the ping […]

BF3 after a few hours

BF3 seems to be pretty unstable. Its sad to say, but the beta was more stable than the final build. I crashed at least 6 times last night. This was most annoying because my stats were not being saved. It would appear that they save your stats every time you respawn, which means you don’t […]

BF3 after 20 minutes

Had my first chance to play last night. First round ended with 700 points per minute. YEAH! of course that’s because I joined as the round ended, and it was two pins that gave me 700 points and almost my first rank.

I was a little disappointed in the browser experience. IE would not work […]

Windy Ride

I went for a 40 km ride with my brother this afternoon. The weather was not so nice to us, only 11 C with about a 30 KPH headwind for most of the ride. I definatley have not been riding enough lately because my butt is sore. Winter is right around the corner so I […]

Final setup for BF3

With BF3 just around the corner I have cleaned up my machine in preparation for the glorious event. I formatted the drives the other day so that I have a fresh and totally clean computer with nothing but the essentials loaded. Windows 7 only took about 30 minutes to install, but several hours to update. […]

Understanding Overclocking?

I think I have been adjusting the wrong specs in the BIOS. I was having problems with stability, so I turned the CPU overvoltage option back to AUTO, now its running smooth again.

All of the guides tell you to adjust certain things, but the BIOS does not have any options labeled as such. Its […]

Bike indoor training?

I have been really wanting to continue my training through the winter months. This has prompted me to look into a bicycle trainer.

The Kurt Kinetic seems to be the best made unit on the market. After looking at a display model, I am quite convinced it will last a long time. However they are […]