Cool ride

Went for a bike ride this afternoon. Haven’t been out for a while. Temperature is really coming down and my ears were frozen by the end of the ride. 20km felt pretty good.

More Over Clocking

I did some more over clock testing, slowly working my way up, here are the latest numbers :

Test 4 @ 3.56Ghz

FSB = 215 X 16.5 coreV = 1.264v VID = 1.3000v idle = average (fan lo) = 45c max = 47c

BFBC@ test run 1 hour not faults and 60fps

Test 5 @ […]

The M98B Slaughter house…

Had alot of fun shortly after I unlocked the new sniper rifles.

Extreme BF3 Beta sniper kills

Heres my latest compilation of long range shooting in game.


Now that the Beta is closed, I should have some time to update this webpage a little more.

Longest BF3 Beta Kill

971 meters. Pretty happy with that…

Thats what I’m talking about.

Had a good round of defending the objectives and totally stumped the other team. There are those who think the recon class is a waste, but I think the proof is in the pudding. Using the SV98, 12x ballistic scopes, and the suppressor


BF3 Long Range Recon

Some footage I uploaded on day 2 of the beta. I think I have found my new addiction…

A longer run.

Went out to test a new running route. 9.5Km in less than an hour…I’m pretty happy with that. Part of the run is on a side path with some really tall grass to contend with, and a massive hill to climb (80 meter elevation change). I had to slow and walk at the top to […]