Summer Training Video

Not really training, it was more fun than anything, but heres some highlights from BC :


Chuck E Beaver

Back in grade 10 Art class, we were learning cartooning when I created my own character named Chuck E. Bevaer (middle). My daughter made me proud today when she drew a couple renditions of my character (above and right) :


World of Plastic

I am really getting tired of plastic. It seems that everything these days is made of plastic. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great uses for the material. But companies are really starting to cheap out on parts to drive down the cost of manufacturing at the cost of longevity. The old saying “they […]

BF3 Mouse sensetivity

Does your mouse sensitivity have any effect on sniping? YES!

As the picture here shows, your group size depends highly on how sensitive your mouse is.

Taken from about 950 meters away, all group were four shots with the smallest mouse movement possible in four direction of initial point of aim. The fourth line […]

Photo Fun for BF3

I was having a little too much fun tonight. I was setting up a prop for my next series of videos. Heres a still photo of what the end product will look like in motion film.

MDF Doll House

My daughter is really getting into Barbies this year. So her Christmas present is going to be a doll house. I did a bunch of research and found several, but closer inspection showed that they are built cheap and will not last. Average price is about $150 so I figure I can beat that price […]

Custom router Plate

Before I could begin my next project, I needed to fabricate a router table. You can buy these for a couple hundred bucks, But a custom built one will be more sturdy and last longer. Plus it will be built to my specs and probably cost less.

I started with a piece of 0.060″ […]

Audio Capture Testing.

I was testing the software capture of sound so that I could show in my videos, what my squaddies and I are talking about. This will really help demonstrate the team effort we put in while playing BF3. It just so happened that I had a few moments of great sniping and I thought I’d […]

Pumpkins must die!

Had a ton of fun out at the range on Sunday afternoon. Showing a couple new guys what its all about. The pumpkins were pre-filled with water to make them more explosive when hit. Otherwise they just have holes show up and its not very interesting.

Who ‘NEEDS’ a gun anyway?

A good article which sums it up quite nice:

Lorne Gunter, National Post · Nov. 2, 2011 | Last Updated: Nov. 2, 2011 3:07 AM ET

On Tuesday morning, members of the National Post editorial board – a group that includes me – got into a fascinating email debate regarding the federal government’s decision to […]