Training Goals

With the new year right around the corner I have started to think about what I want to accomplish in 2012. To get training started on the right foot I have ordered a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine for bike training in the cold months. This is actually a belated Christmas present which should be arriving […]

BF3 Recon Field Manual 1.1

Chapter 1, paragraph 1-4 : How to setup your PC and game settings for maximum BF3 sniping.


Winter run training

I needed a way to do some training while the kids were around. So I made a rope extension for the toboggan and did some laps with ballast attached…


December BF3 Sniping Footage

I have had a cold for the last couple week that is affecting my voice. This has stalled the production of my new series of BF3 videos. My subscribers are constantly asking for more video footage so I decided to throw together a quick montage.


Kerbal Space Program

Fun little game in its alpha right now. Here, I was doing some landing practice of the finer controls for when I reach the moon. So I landed on this liquid Oxygen tank.

Kerbal Space Program Website.

Dream House shapes up

The construction phase is mostly complete, now its time for some paint. We are using left overs from painting the kids rooms a year ago. So far we are still under the $100 mark for this project. With 24 days left to complete the project, I think we are sitting in a good place :