Super Training Pains.

I am still sore from one of the longest work out sessions yet. On Saturday afternoon, I pushed my way through a virtual Duathalon to see how I would react.

Started with a 10km run which went well, found the grove and stuck to it. Then I jumped on the bike/trainer and put on 40km.


Thiefs…make me laugh.

Not sure if the lock was picked or I just forgot to lock it, but my car was ransacked last night. Opened the door this morning to find my glove box contents all over the place. This is the 4th or 5th time my car has been taken advantage of in my lifetime, but this […]

First Block training day

I decided to try a mini duathalon today to see how it feels to transition rapidly between events. I started with a 4.1km run (oh yeah, its -18C with a wind chill of -28C) which went not bad considering the path was packed with snow and drifts. I had just about the perfect amount of […]

Green Machine arrives

I just received my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine in the mail. After some setup and a quick test ride, I think I have it ready to go.

So far I would have to say the ride feels…interesting. The progressive resistance is great, the harder you push, the harder it pushes back. Its going to […]

2012 Training begins

With the new year sounding off, its time to look at the goals for 2012 training.

I went out and ran 5km today to see where I am at. 28:48 was the time I set today and I managed to run the whole distance without stopping. This makes me feel quite good about where I […]