Running Barefoot?

I have been reading about how great barefoot running is. Less prone to injury, we are designed this way, shoes are bad because you run on your heals. Well I decided to give it a go yesterday and see what all the hype is about.

Too cold outside so I was attempting this on the […]

Bike Brothers Training

My two older brothers and I were fortunate to be allowed to do a training session and photo/video shoot in a hanger with airplanes as our backdrop. A great session, although it was broken up by changing the camera angles for future video production. We had a blast and I now have a ton of […]

New Camera Mount

In preparation for my new season of “The Road To Precision” I purchased a new mount for a camera. Now I can easily have a camera looking through the scope with a nice stable image. Actual Photo resolution of the crosshair is pictured in the upper right corner.

I can’t wait to see what […]

Spent the afternoon creating…a couple hours from concept to production and I had my new 7 position rifle rack. Virtually free because I used scraps of wood from around the garage.

Bogus Parts

A new client had a problem with their aircraft’s elevator trim. The trim indicator seemed to be stuck, even though the rest of the trim system seemed to operate normally. A short search found the root cause of the problem, someone had used a makeshift and illegal part to connect the elevator trim transmitter to […]

Last 10 shot group for an old factory barrel.

I went out to the range today to finish off the last of my loaded ammo. I want to make sure all my brass is clean and prepared for when the new barrel is installed. After 4500 rounds down the tube, this barrel is still capable of a 3/4 MOA grouping at 100 meters in […]

Flying to Ram Falls

This is some video from the summer that I finally pieced together. A nice flight to Ram Falls.


Brick training

Wow, it was a great day for training today. I went out for a run and did 9.3km in 48:40 for a 5:14/km average. I had to shed my jacket at about the 1k mark and left it sit on the side of the path until my return. I was sweating pretty good the whole […]

Aviation Headaches

Cheap parts suck, and they cause me grief all the time. A brand spanking new aircraft came to us with a fluid leak. Low and behold the hose clamp was tightened at factory untill it stripped out. The proper aviation grade hose clamp is on the right. The difference in steel quality is very apparent. […]

Happy Birthday to me present

My bike is a cycle cross design, but 99% of the time I am on the road. So I decided it was time for a speed upgrade. The old chain ring combo was a 36/46T which had me topping out on the flat at about 40 kph. If I had a hill and some wind […]