Load Developement begins

This is the first good looking group out of my new Krieger barrel. I started with my varmint bullets because I am still waiting on my bulk gunpowder order. Pretty happy with the results thus far. Less than 50 bullets down the tube and I produced this 0.4″ group at 100 meters :

.308 […]

Half Marathon…complete

Ran my first half today. 21.90 km is the google earth distance. Below is the profile:

The one pathway was closed so I had to huff it up a hill to connect with the other path. Google states a 21% grade and I believe it. That hill nearly killed me. I had to stop […]

First Ride to work of 2012

The temperature stayed above freezing overnight for the first time of the year. With enough daylight in the early morning it was time to make the official first ride into work.

Time of 39:11 for 17.2km = 25.9kph

This is pretty terrible considering the 1200 plus km’s I put on over the winter. But there […]

First 10k race

Had my first race of the season today. I must say I did not prepare correctly for this.

The problem started a week ago when I smoked my left leg really hard and did some deep damage to the left quadriceps. It was sore and difficult to walk for 2 days. I knew this spelt […]

Severe Wear

Heres a great example from an old aircraft. This bolt is well on its way to failure, good thing I found it and replaced it with a new AN3-4A.

Easter Egg Hunt

My wife cried when I shot the Creme egg, I thought it was a great Target…

You mock my pain

So I was planning to do a training run with my brothers on sunday afternoon, but I had to cancel because of an injury. Below is the Email banter…

Ryan wrote :

Sadly I am not going to be able to run on sunday. I was getting my rifle barrel replaced this morning and filming […]

First Ride of 2012

We finally had nice enough weather to go out for an evening ride. WOW what a difference. 1000k on the kinetic made for an attack on the senses. It felt great to finally GO somewhere. It felt very weird at first. I took my brother for a ride up a road I found last year. […]

A Proud Day

Just one of those moments that every parent has, but today it was my turn…Julia learned to ride her bike today.

The day started off with her still hating the pink mass of welded steel. But I decided we were going to spend a lot of time working on it. Her runner bike had been […]

Against the wind

I keep running against the wind, I’m older now but still running…you know the rest. New record distance of 16.8km in 90 minutes for a 5:21 pace. All of the hill climb portions had a head wind so it was slow going on the climb, but the return felt very easy. Elevation change was 300 […]