I love Home Depot

After the race, I went to home depot to pick up some lag bolts and chain to start building a new target setup. The store was swamped and only one girl was working the tills. She was definitely feeling the pressure and tried to get people through fast. My items came from the bulk section […]

Second 10k race

Finished the second race of the season. Another 10k, although this one was much larger and drew over 10,000 runners for all the different races that day. Nearly 2600 people ran the 10k at the same time. I must say I felt like a cow to the slaughter as I lined up for the start […]

Free labour

Part of being a club member is donating your back to some manual labour. I spent part of the day at the range helping to build a new and improved target numbering system. Now the numbers are removable so that they see fewer bullet holes, and they slide from side to side so that you […]

Pass Port Frustration

I have been trying to get my passport updated over the last two days has been very frustrated. There are some very simple thing I have learned about the process.

Don’t rush or be in a rush to fill out / drop off the application. Have plenty of time on the clock, or several days. […]

Building a play center

I spent the long weekend with the family up at the in-laws cabin. The big project was to build a play center for all the kids to enjoy.

We ran out of supplies before the first phase was complete, but I am still pretty pleased with the progress. As time continues there will be […]

Falling off the bus

Had a lull in the training due to work getting in the way plus lost sleep over life issues. I’m happy to say that although I lost focus and fell off the bus for about 10 days, I am back on track.

I went for a 45k ride with my brother on Monday night that […]

Deck redo

Spent the weekend reworking my deck, it had some rotten wood and desperately needed a new coat of anything.


I’m pretty happy with the final look, although my back does not agree. I’m pretty sore after 2 solid days of manual labour. I would much rather have been out shooting.