Road to Precision Part XVIII

The start of season 3, I take my rifle in for some maintenance. Time for a new barrel and a bore-scope to show the difference. I also do a mini review of the Borka Torque Tool.

Small things…

A customer was complaining about their rough running engine. After a quick test run, I knew the ignition system was having problems. More specifically, I thought the spark plugs were fouled. After pulling a few of the plugs I found this one:

A tiny amount of lead had solidified on the iridium tip and […]

New ride home record

I had a really stiff wind pushing me home today. This allowed me to hold 60 kph for a good portion of the longest leg. Final time was 28:49 for an average speed of 36.3 kph.

Fathers Day Shoot 2012

Having lots of fun with my daughter and other family members at the range. Although we did get rained on, it passed by quickly and we were back to shooting in about 20 minutes. Here’s the highlights of the day.


Season 3 will begin shortly

This is by far the most complex render I have done to date. I wasted way too much time putting this together.

Check your Brass!

I found this while reloading this afternoon:

The case wall near the head (bottom) has thinned out from reloading to the point that I have cracks forming. After inspecting all cases again, I found a total of 27 that had thin case walls. This is a potentially dangerous situation, because the combustion gases can […]

5.8km run / 37.7km bike / 9.7km run

Well the race is done, and I am going to feel this one tomorrow. This was probably the coldest I have ever felt in my life. Pouring rain on us and a stiff wind from the north made the first half of the race nearly unbearable. At least 5 people did not finish the bike […]

Final Grouping

I went to the range saturday evening to finalize my varmint load for the new barrel.

0.821″ = 0.713 MOA is pretty good. Four of those shots went in under 0.4″ thus I think I messed up the group myself.

Finalized Load will be:

Berger 110 Gr. Match FB @ 2.650″ C.O.A.L. 47.2 Gr. […]

New Target thats fun to shoot

I spent a bunch of time producing a new target that is great fun to shoot with a semi auto .22LR. I acquired the free lumber from a neighbour who had some warped poles from an old backyard flower bed. Then at work we changed out the blade on the bobcat, so I took the […]