Mountain Climbing on a bike

I went for an awesome ride with my brother up the Highwood pass in Kananaskis country. Unfortunately the lens fogged up on the Gopro so I will have to redo this ride to get the ascent footage. The pass is 7239 feet elevation and is one nasty climb, the last 3km takes a steep grade […]

Work Work Work

We spent the weekend at the in-laws cabin again. Rained for most of Sunday, but we managed to get another level on the the play center.

Its really starting to come together and the kids are starting to enjoy it. One more work party should have it fairly complete for stage 1. Who knows […]

Near Death

I went for a 100km ride the other day, but didn’t realize how close to my last it could have been. Coming up the highway on the return to home, I was on the shoulder right where I always am. This shoulder was about 6 feet wide, and I was about 1 to 2 feet […]

Wind…a good training aid?

My ride to work this morning was quite normal. Only a slight breeze from the west of about 5kph. Total time was 35:57 for an average speed of 29kph.

Compare that to yesterday, when I had a 50-60kph headwind. Total time was 47:40 for an average speed of 21.9kph. I was working very hard just […]