Holiday ride to the US border

I went for a glorious ride with my brother during holidays to visit the Canada-US border. The road runs on the edge of border and has the totem markers in the ditch. You can also see the border cut line running up the mountains in the distance:

The USA is about 3 yards to […]

Garbage on the road

I had a frustrating ride to work this morning. I ran over a piece of wire, can’t remember if I saw it in time to avoid, and it ended up getting tangled up on my rear axle. That added about 5 minutes of frustrating time while I tried to get it untangled and out of […]

Another great day of load testing

I went to the range early this morning to take advantage of some great weather. There was virtually no wind when I started and it picked up to a slight breeze of maybe 1-2mph by the end of the shoot.

This time I was shooting 155 Lapua Scenar’s to see how seating depth would affect […]

Seating depth triumph

I went to the range today looking to put the seating depth mystery up to its first test. I was using my 175Gr SMK load and placed the bullet 0.005″ closer to the lands for each five shot group which looked something like this:

2.075″ 2.080″ 2.085″ 2.090″ 2.095″ 2.075″

The final test would have […]

Record breaking…flat.

I decided to push hard on my morning ride to work today. I was attaching all the hills and keeping my speed above 20kph. Normally I make it to the last bridge in about 30 minutes, but today I crossed at 26 minutes. I was well on my way to smashing my record time.

With […]

Road to Precision Part XIX

Latest video is now up. In this episode I take a look at brass preparations for my new barrel. This includes cleaning, full length sizing, and case trimming. Next I take a look at how to measure the distance to the lands of the rifling so that I can adjust the bullet seating depth in […]