Century Ride

I just made it home from the season end-er ride for my bike club. We rode from Banff to Lake Louise and back. Total distance on my odometer was 114.6 km. The ride time was just a hair under 4 hours and my legs are jello, I feel totally wasted. my average speed was around […]

Road to Precision part XXI

The latest version of my video series. In this episode I show some of the dangers of reloading that can happen when your cases get cracked.

Road to Precision XX

A little late adding this here, but heres a video on barrel break-in.

First Halk Marathon Completed…ouch!

Wow this one hurt, my legs ache as I write this, I am not sure how I will cope with work over the next few days as my body tries to recover.

Finish time 1:57:00, thus I beat my 2 hour goal, but missed my 1:45 target time.

For the first 4km I was keeping […]