Swimming achievement

I made a new distance record this morning at the pool; 1000 meters total. There was still a ton of stopping during that distance, but the key factor is that I am improving. Better technique means faster lap times, faster lap times means more laps are possible in the set amount of time I have. […]

Blade 2012

After way too much time spent on the sewing machine this week, my costume is ready for the vampire invasion this Halloween:

I’m pretty happy with the look. Material cost for the tactical vest was less than $50, and I scavenged for many of the accessories.


Highlight of the day

Well this sums up my day…

Someone landed in a field, looks like tomorrow will be a long day of digging the airplane out and getting it back to the airpport for an inspection.

BunkBed Project complete

I have been working my butt off over the past week to create a higher level of sleep for my daughter. I just finished it:

I’m pretty happy with the result, and its solid as a rock because I mounted it to the studs in the wall. This creates a fair amount of space […]

Swim Training Begins

Well I finally made the decision to take this fitness thing to the true multi-sport level. My older brother is pretty convinced that we should start entering triathlons. Thus I really need to get my swim game going because it is by far my weakest point.

I bought a six month membership to a pool […]

Training Goal Met

So I did some calculations and found out that my century ride last weekend completed my 2012 goal of riding 2000 road km’s on my bike. The total count is 3144.7km which started on January 1st when I reset the odometer to zero. I am pretty happy with this number because it means I rode […]