Long distance swimmer?

Well I went for the gusto today, and made the mark with relative ease. I decided it was time to try 10 repeat laps non-stop which makes for 500 meters. Considering how pathetic I felt only a month ago, I think this is a pretty significant milestone in my swim training. Especially considering this was […]

Road to Precision part XXIII

With the end of the season approaching rapidly, I tune my target load some more by adjusting the bullet seating depth.


New PB in the pool

These are probably going to be posted every week, because the progress feels amazing to me. I did 300 meters non-stop in the pool this morning and I probably could have done more. My comfort level is starting to climb rapidly and I can even continue on with my stroke and cadence if I mess […]

Pumkin Shoot 2012

This was a really cold day, but totally worth it for the fun and the footage:

Road to Precision part XXII

Its time to take this rifle to a competition, the 300 meter ISSF is the first one I am able to attend. Results are okay but expected because I ran short of time for load development. I will begin looking into seating depth adjustments after this.

Fantastic Swim

I am really starting to like my early morning swims. They give me a really good goal to drive for, and I am learning new things. I can feel that I am starting to get over that childhood fear of drowning. My comfort level in the water is improving faster than I expected.

Today I […]

Do you see what I see?

Some times I really hate how good I am at my job. I have this knack for finding things that are wrong, and will cost some down time and money to fix. Its like the problem is drawing me closer through a magnetic field or some force of attraction. Like always, this just means more […]

Integrated Training Begins

Today was the second day of my new training schedule. I went for an easy pace 10 km run at about 5:30 this morning. Its pretty dark that early in the morning, I had a flash light with me but didn’t really need it. The moon was out and I could see quite well. A […]

Getting comfortable in the water

I can tell that I am starting to get more comfortable in the water now. I am not focusing so much on the breathing and keeping my head above water. Nor am I worried about the little bit of water that may get in my mouth from breath to breath.

I spent a full 45 […]