Happy Holidays

Training Video

I made a new motivational training video for my family based on some of the great moments we had through out the year.

Proud moment in the pool.

Well as the new year approaches there is a steady stream of new people entering the pool. Its getting more crowded as the days go by and I assume that there will be a big jump in attendance when the new year hits. This morning was a record setting day since I’ve been swimming, in […]

Happy 3 Dozen Day!

Well this is the last time in my life that we will see the date numbers align so nicely…12/12/12…it must be a sign!

No, its not. Although its visually interesting to look at, only our feeble minds attach any sort of significance to the numbers. There is really nothing that special about it. As long […]

More speed

I had a great swim this morning. 2 x 500 meter sets plus a bunch of other drills made for about 1500 meters total. I am really starting to like the improvements. I can get more distance into my 45 minutes envelope of time.

The real key to my accomplishment this morning is that the […]

A cold in the cold.

I have been fighting a cold for the last two weeks which has slowed down my base training. The main sick symptoms only lasted about 24 hours, but there this stupid nagging cough that just won’t go away. I’m trying all sorts of remedies on the net and nothing seems to touch it. So far […]