Sweet spring morning

Had a great swim this morning. My average pace is down to 1:54 / 100m taken over the course of 1700 meters worth of swimming. I’m happy to see some progress.

Although I arrive at the pool in total black, when I left I was greeted with a clear dark blue sky as the […]

BF3 Aliens

Found a funky alien looking ship on a map in the new BF3 expansion maps. Looks like it may be some sort of Easter egg hinting at a new game that will be future based. Sequel to 2142 perhaps?

Bad Start

Well today is the official first day of my taper up Half Ironman training schedule, yet I already find myself behind. The pool was closed this morning due to some water issues of some sort. As I look at the schedule I see that I will also be missing another swim this week due to […]

Micro Frustration

We’ve had a recurring snag on one of the airplanes for the last week. The pilots keep snagging the radio’s as they seem to be cutting in and out whenever they feel like it. We have never been able to duplicate the problem on the ground so we keep sending it back up, “no fault […]

Going longer now

I decided to try for my longest swim yet. The goal this morning was 1500 meters all in one shot. But I started to cramp up around 1100 and ended my first set at 1200 meters. I am feeling more and more comfortable in the water and with an average pace of 2:00/100 meters for […]

BF3 Recon Field Manual Part 4

Finally got back into the game. The latest expansions have been better. I was not a fan of the AC-130 gunship addition in the large maps. I wish servers would play the maps with that thing disabled because it is too much of an advantage.

This Video focuses on the XBOW unlock and how […]

Temperature Variations

What a fun morning in the pool. Something was wrong with the heating system and half of the jets were not working. Jumping into the shallow end I was met with some really cold water. No problem, I’m here to work out and cold water training is a good thing. As I approach the half […]

End Base training

I went for a brick session this morning which brings my base training to its end. Sat on the bike for and hour and then went out and ran 10 km. I was pretty happy with my 1o km time of 50 minutes considering my legs did not feel nice and fresh.

Now its time […]

Another Proud Moment

My daughter made me proud at her sparks meeting last night. The kids were making structures out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Most of the kids made little houses and simple contraptions, while her structure was more like a stadium. The rest of the projects were sent home in a ziploc bag, we had to bring […]

Cake day Quote

To fathom the the size of the universe is to make ones self small, to the point of non existence. Yet, we can find our true meaning in the depths of the oceans of the galaxy, and see that we are connected through time with everything in its wonder.