Weekend Project

I spent all of saturday painting my sons bedroom. He has been really interested in the stars and planets lately (especially Saturn) so I decided to make his room space themed.

The plan in the future is to build a custom wall mounted bunkbed with a LEM moon lander theme. The ladder to go […]

Ready for BF4

Prepping for the release of BF4, I have installed a new video card. An upgrade that is long overdue. I was origionally planning to upgrade for BF3, but then I found that my current card was good enough to record videos and still play the game at 30FPS.

However I was never really happy with […]

Aiming for Accuracy Part 1

The start of my new shooting video series: I plan to do more real life scenarios. Try to make my shooting challenges fun and interesting while still teaching something about ballistics.

Childish server admins

Need to have a little rant session here. I was ban from a one of my favorite servers last night while playing BF3 with some friends. What is going on with all this child like behaviour?

Back in my days of being a clan member, I was helping admin our servers all the time. There […]