2 in the can

After a long hard day of brain crunching problem solving, and lots of custom wood working, we have 2 small airplanes inside a 40 foot container.

All bolted / strapped down and ready for a long journey to the other side of the planet. Tetris round complete.


Aiming For Accuracy Part 2

Part 2 is some simple pumpkin shooting fun in the snow and cold.

This was an improvised exercise due to the low visibility caused by the heavy snow and cold.

Nylon Wins

Here’s a great example of some chafing wear that has deemed this engine frame useless. A nylon tie wrap was used to hold some cables in place directly against the engine frame. Over the course of time, the engine vibration caused this wear mark which was deep enough into the metal to easily feel with […]

Large Scale Tetris

My latest problem at work comes in the style of Tetris played with airplanes. My company sold 2 airplanes and needs to ship them across the ocean. So we need to fit said airplanes into a 40 foot shipping container. Sounds simple at first, but this is a very delicate job that needs complete disassembly […]