Aiming for Accuracy Part 6

Binary explosives are a ton of fun to shoot:

This video captures my first test day when I was looking to see how the explosives worked. Unfortunately I had a couple of FAILS that day. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. The video finishes off with my second day of explosive shooting fun!



I didn’t think I was going to shoot one of these anytime soon, the cost is a little more than I would normally want to pay. But due to some insider connections I had the pleasure of shooting a 50 caliber rifle on the cheap.

I was a little suprised as you may expect. […]

Aiming for Accuracy Part 5

Parallax error, what is it and should you know about it? Well if you are into long range precision shooting then this is a topic you must be aware of because small errors can create a miss at 1000 yards. Lots of fun shooting Binary targets!!