Doubloon weathering

So I have entered into the aging process of my doubloon project. I used an acetylene torch to burn some holes through it to mimic the Goonies doubloon for looks.


The next step is to corrode the whole thing, so I have set it in a container with some vinegar and placed it […]

Fuel Problems?

I had an interesting snag the other day, the left-hand fuel gauge was intermittently showing zero fuel while at altitude. When the airplane came back down and landed, the problem went away. Now, this snag had been looked into several times previously, with no ability to duplicate what the pilots were complaining about. There seemed […]

Aiming for Accuracy part 8

Indoor Range Fun: I was whisked away at a moments notice to go have some fun shooting various restricted firearms. This was my first time ever shooting a handgun, and it was a ton of fun even though my performance was below expectations. I also had the joy of shooting a Barret Model 99 which […]

Summer project begins

I have some big plans for the camping trip we are taking this year, so I have to get started early.

Here is step one, the construction of a fake pirate Doubloon. More steps to come…

Tedious Work

The task I had the other day was small and annoying.

Aircraft parts are expensive, and sometimes its much cheaper to rebuild things yourself as opposed to sending them out, or, replacing them directly. So I spent a few hours pulling the bulbs from this panel and soldering new lamps onto those small circles, […]

Standard Practices

Routine Maintenance check turns expensive when the Tech did the job in a hurry. This is what happens when you don’t follow standard practices:

A twisted tube made from stainless steel no less. Three errors happened here in rapid succession, which lead to an expensive damaged part, and a grounded aircraft.

First problem was […]