Pirates Inspiration

More work on the treasure hunt as we close in on vacation date. Pictured is the inspiration pieces behind our treasure hunt:

The Goonies map and copper bone were purchased in Astoria from the Jail/museum during our road trip down south last year. The doubloon is an on going project that I have made […]

Ultimate Treasure Hunt

My brothers and I are building an epic pirate/goonies themed treasure hunt for all of our kids this year during our big family camping trip. Things are starting to come together. We want the treasure hunt to last pretty much the full 10 days we are together, with the final BIG TREASURE find on the […]

Early Morning 737

Working the morning shift can have its little perks, this was my view the other day as the sun was coming up…

1000000 Page Requests

Wow, hard to believe that I have hit the million marker on the counter. I assume that many of those page requests come from bots, scripts, and search engines that are just logging the internet in there usual way. But at any rate, its still a ton of traffic considering that I only advertise this […]

Endless Search

I have been putting in some serious overtime lately to help with a major check. One of the things you are always on the lookout for is corrosion. But its not always that easy to see.










A good eye can pick this up, but when […]


I had a good laugh when I found this scenario, something is wrong in this picture….do you know what it is?










Those are navigation lights in the wing tip of a large aircraft. The one on the right is the primary, and the left is […]