New Page added – Pirate treasure

I have completed the story of the epic Pirate Treasure Hunt. See the page and read the story in the above page links – Epic Pirate Treasure Hunt –

I will be using the page as my storyboard while I create the video documentary of the event.

And you thought your car was expensive…

The true cost of aviation is absurd. And I don’t think the general public is aware of this fact. FLYING IS EXPENSIVE. All too often I hear people complaining about how the prices have gone up, now they charge for landing fees, now they charge extra for baggage, there are no peanuts anymore, the in-flight […]


After spending a bunch of time over the weekend going through the trouble shooting guide Garmin provides on the customer support page, I am now in an even worse spot. Now I can’t get any connection between the GPS and my computer. At least before my 910XT was communicating with the computer and hanging, now […]