M98B Long Shot

Finally had a chance to do some really long shots, what a joy it is to connect with someone so far away and share a bullet with them:

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  • hypno

    Didnt take you long XD, youre good ffs. Which scope did you use?

  • hypno

    Do you think M98B is range limited to 1000m, cause I got 971m headshot and cant seem to reach any further. :(

  • Markus

    let me guess u made that shot in caspian border from russian deployment to us deployment or vice versa

    • admin

      Yup, I seem to end up on that map all the time. I would really like more time on Kharg Island or Op Firestorm because both of those maps offer great sniping as well. However, Caspian border is probably my favorite all around map.

  • Markus

    Yeah caspian border is my favourite too, but i have got my best scores on op firestorm and for 400-600 meters shooting khargi is definately the best. Btw are you planning on doing sniper school for bf3.

  • xXx TBOT xXx

    i got a 1093m headshot so it can go further