First Ride of 2012

We finally had nice enough weather to go out for an evening ride. WOW what a difference. 1000k on the kinetic made for an attack on the senses. It felt great to finally GO somewhere. It felt very weird at first. I took my brother for a ride up a road I found last year. Lots of hills to climb. Total trip was 38.1km and we finished it in 1:15. Not bad for the first ride of the year.

I definitely need to do a tune up to the rear shifter. As I was shifting down, it skipped onto nothing. That had me panicking for a few seconds.

It was also nice to do some drafting. Nothing like cruising along at 40kph and not turning the crank at all. I used that moment to accelerate around and pass my brother for the imaginary finish line I created. LAME!

Lastly, my new helmet is AWESOME! My head was getting quite cold by the end of the ride. Tons of air flow to keep me cool on the hotter days to come.

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