Survival Kit

Survival Kit essentials

1. Knife – Never leave home without one.

2. Fire Starter and Tinder – Heat = life

3. Metal Cup or Can – Boil water to kill nasty microbes.

4. First-Aid Kit – Medical emergencies are an even bigger deal than being lost.

5. Plastic Trash Bag – Rain poncho, collect water, or windproof your shelter.

6. Water Purification – Brackish water can do more harm than good.

7. Space blanket – Protecting yourself from the elements is half the battle.

8. Whistle – Requires less energy than yelling, high pitch sound travels further.

9. Flashlight / mirror – Great way to attract attention to yourself.

10. High-Calorie Protein Bars – Save some agony by packing a few snacks.

11. Sewing kit – Fixing up clothing, used as fishing line and other bush crafts. 

12. Fishing kit – Can be used for signals and bush craft as well as fishing.