Survival Skills

Surviving the elements is something everyone has to do on a daily basis, but modern life has made us fat and lazy. Living in our central heated homes, cooking on the stove, and watching TV is a very comfortable way of life. But what would you do if all that was taken away. The majority of urban dwellers have no idea how to take care of their essential needs. If they were thrown into a survival situation, many people would probably just lay down and die.

Knowledge is power, and knowing a few simple things can be difference between life and death. Being comfortable with the situation is the first step to surviving it.


You awaken to find yourself strapped into your aircraft with trees all around you. As you your senses become more aware you realize that you have just crashed and now rest in a mountain valley. You cannot remember what happened or how you came to be in this position. Examining yourself, you realize that you have escaped injury. You feel banged up, but aside from the headache and bruises, you are fine. As you look to your right, you see your best friend clutching his right arm in pain. There is blood all over and there is a bone sticking out from the skin.

Rank these 12 actions in the order you feel is most important:

  • __  Sit in the cockpit and wait for help
  • __  Build a fire
  • __  Fashion a splint and stop the bleeding from your buddies arm
  • __  Look for edible plants
  • __  Switch your ELT from ARM to ON
  • __  Find or make a shelter
  • __  Hunt down that squirrel for supper
  • __  Move broken airplane wings / tail into a near-by clearing
  • __  Construct ground to air signals
  • __  Secure the airplane and evacuate personnel from the aircraft
  • __  Find a  source of water
  • __  Start walking down the valley

How do you react?  S.T.O.P.

  1. Stop.
    Sit down and stay put until the fear, anger, and or frustration has gone from the system.
  2. Think through your situation.What do you have that can help you in this situation? Your mind is your greatest survival tool!
  3. Observe your surroundings.Where should you stay? If you told someone where you were going, people may be searching for you. Is there an open area where the searchers would have a better chance of seeing you?
  4. Plan your action.In most cases, the priority should be:
    • First Aid
    • Find or make shelter
    • Build a Fire for heat
    • Signals to attract attention
    • Find Water sources
    • Food
    • Escape


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